Arabic Translation

Arabic Translation

Arabic Translation

A leading provider of professional Arabic translation services in Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East!

Almiaad Lingua has been in the region for about two decades providing different companies, individuals and government officials with high standard translation to English and other various language services. The good reputation and the teams of professional translators we have built remain our main assets.

We understand your concerns:

By operating as a business hub for the region of the Middle East, Dubai has gathered business partners from different parts of the world, including China. Most business operators from this country had to establish contact with local dealers and people from other countries thriving to build up business networks. Almiaad Lingua, as one of the best Chinese translation companies, knew that traditional translation to English could not help surmount the huge cultural and linguistic barrier separating China from the rest of the world here. We convinced most clients to adapt our localisation strategy in order to help penetrate the new local markets and understand the clients’ tastes, needs and cultures.

Local market needs

Are you tired of hiring translators who do not respect deadlines?

We respect what our brand name stands for: Almiaad; strict and total respect of deadlines!

Do you often require a quick reply, a fast turnaround order and professional translation rush jobs?

We are available 24/7, and our large Dubai teams of professional Arabic translation services can ensure a daily output of more than 100 000 words /day if needed!

Have you had the nightmare experience of receiving low quality translations?

There are shocking realities about Arabic translation to English: only a few translators master this language perfectly well and use it without serious errors!
Yes, we already know this and take it into consideration in our rigorous recruitment process!
With Almiaad Lingua, you should remain assured that only professionalnative speakertranslators handle your tasks.

Are you a corporate or organisation willing to operate in Europe, the UAE (Dubai…), Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Asia, London, etc.?

Your linguistic gate to the region is extremely important. You need more than standard translation services!
Your exposure in the region requires a total localisation of websites and discourse materials as well as a cultural orientation/ adaptation program. Please, contact us for more details:

Do you think other translators or translation companies are asking for high rates for Arabic English translation?

Almiaad Lingua has got a transparent, balanced and reasonable pricing scheme which takes into consideration quality and competitiveness.
You will get a higher quality work of language translation without unnecessarily inflated rate!

We convey your message to a larger audience!

That was our first motto in the Dubai, UAE market when we started around two decades ago. We remained faithful to this marketing slogan to help thousands of customers who entrusted us with the translation services Dubai of their corporate brochures, product descriptions, company bylaws, business plans and staff meeting interpreting / interpretations. The way we localised theirArabic English translationmaterials and texts helped them penetrate the new markets confidently and effectively integrate in the new social structures.

This remains our strategy in the Middle East and North Africa Region. We undertake tasks in a meaningful and comprehensive way and integrate the clients’ aspirations and plans in the backbone of professionalArabic translation work.

What does this have to do with the transformation of a text’s meaning from one language to another?

The text, in our understanding, is a unit of discourse with a particular aim operating in well-defined contextualisation. For this purpose, we determine your motives and how the text can best express them leading to a particular reaction or inspiration from the side of the recipient in a target language setting that our experts in language translation understand better. Hence, this is what makes the difference between a professional translator working on Arabic to English translation tasks and a mere meaning converter from one linguistic code to another.

Thus, we truly realise the transmission of your message to more people who react to its intended meaning! We simply do this by providing professional translation services!

Our translationservices Dubai handle the following types of files:

  • Brochures,
  • Blogs,
  • Media products,
  • Newsletters,
  • Corporate documents,
  • NGO files,
  • Personal manuscripts,
  • Legal texts,
  • Technical manuals,
  • Medical reports,
  • Research papers,
  • Training and education materials, etc.

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