English language learning courses in London

English language learning courses in London

English language learning courses in London, Leicester, Manchester and Brighton

Almiaad Lingua provides professional English courses for learners for different purposes. We organize English language training courses for different age levels and types of participants. The level of support in our language learning courses starts in simple private tuition and onsite courses. Our team of language instructors (ESL/EFL) is trained to offer face to face support and analyses of learners’ learning difficulties. The outcome of our courses has been encouraging and the emersion programs we offer in the UK are very important to develop speaking and listening skills. At the end of every course we provide to English as foreign /second language learners we provide in their home countries, we suggest immersion programs in an English speaking country. In these courses learners are exposed to the language as it is used in its home country and by its native speakers.

The way these course help develop learners’ speaking fluency is observed from the first couple of days. First, this experience provides them with patterns of communication. Whenever the speaker needs to express his/herself on a particular topic or for a specific purpose, there is model employed in real settings and used by the native speakers in their network for the learner to follow. Also, the way these expressions and models is used improves the learners’ communicative competence, which has been the concern of most people interested in ELT research. English language learning courses are in fact an adaptation of the learner to some models of speech and oral expression based on concrete models.

Second, the self-confidence which improves as the speaker’s language fluency gets better plays a major role in developing the ability to increase the level of intake and develop the degree of endurance. This is important especially for adult learners who sometimes lose interest in learning a foreign language. Once the learning practice is turned into a positive experience, the learner understands the mechanics of turning the content of exposure into language intake. The English language learning courses we have offered in London, Leicester, Manchester and Brighton have resulted in higher levels of interest and motivation for learners and a remarkable improvement in their English language fluency.

Learners who are willing to improve their English language fluency can join us for one or more immersion programs in the UK. The process is made easy for you. You just inform us about your preferences in terms of date, length of stay and destination city. Once our application is received, the team in charge arranges for your bookings and informs you about the terms of the offer. All our English language learning courses in London, Leicester, Manchester and Brighton can be joined at any time during the year. There is no minimum language fluency requirement or education level restriction.

The courses include interactive lessons, projects and excursions to other cities. Accommodation is either within a host family or in student hostels. Sometimes, we book in bed and breakfast hotels. The most important thing for Almiaad Lingua is that your preferences are respected.

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