English to French medical and pharmaceutical translation services

English to French medical and pharmaceutical translation services

Medical translation services are among the sectors which show a high demand and increasing need in the global translation market.  The relationship between patients, doctors, medical staff and those who require reports produced by hospitals and clinics should be based on accurate understanding and reliable preciseness of content.  That’s why translation in the health services sector has to be professionally reliable.  Almiaad Lingua has based its strategy in developing this sector on the quality of staff and service providers.  The translators we employ are highly qualified as medical practitioners or teachers in the medical field with an experience of no less than five years.  Accurateness requires that only those with solid background knowledge in medicine can become medical translations.

Whom does medical translation serve?

Since the outbreak of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19), the translation market has witnessed an increasing need for scientific research paper  translation.  likewise, patients and clinics that require medical records to be sent to different departments, countries and special committees are in need of specialized translators.  They want accurate professionals who can handle the files with high expertise and exceptional dedication.  The nature of the content and the sensitivity of its details make it a necessity to seek translators who respect their profession by accepting to abide by the terms of the non-disclosure agreement.   Many clinics in the Middle East (Dubai, Doha, Kuwait, etc.) have patients and doctors from different parts of the world.  They want brochures and medical correspondences to be translated from English to French or to any other language.

Job and special visa applicants also require their medical records to be translated.   Certain job applications require a medical status to show that the applicant can support the various working conditions and job demands.  Medical reports are also sought by insurance companies.  In these cases, translations are often accompanied by a ‘certified for accurateness and originality’ stamp to support the authenticity and reliability of the translated report.

Pharmaceutical Translation

Pharmacology companies require surveys to be made in the respondents’ native languages.  We certainly understand that they want their questionnaires to be translated by specialised individuals who know the importance of scientific terms.  The expected accurateness requires an approved proficiency in the field revealed in the form of scientific specialisation at the level of a university degree followed by field experience in the domain.  The English to French translation of brochures, reports and scientific research papers is also among the pharmaceutical and medical translation services we provide at Almiaad Lingua.

Quality and delivery of files

Medical files are often sensible and of a very personal nature.  We treat medical translation with absolute care and very special patience.  The terminology and figures in the reports require a second special checking so that errors are totally avoided.  For the sake of accurateness we also require the proofreader to sign a quality assessment agreement so that the last person who reviews the file makes sure that the English to French translation is accurate with a high level of accurateness.  All these quality check measures necessitate an optimal level of performance.  But, we do all this for a reasonable rate and within a limited time.  For confidentiality, files are submitted by email or rapid post.  The choice is left to the customer to decide.

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