Professional Arabic English translators and interpreters for medical tasks

Professional Arabic English translators and interpreters for medical tasks

Professional Arabic English translators and interpreters for medical tasks

Almiaad Lingua is looking for Professional Arabic English translators and interpreters to handle some medical tasks onsite for one of our clients in Europe and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai). This position is full time freelance. The interested translators should be able to cover weekly tasks for a client working in the medical field. The client is a private medical clinic who will need the services of an experienced medical translator who can translate medical reports and interpret for patients and their family members. The translator should also be able to assure the translation of pharmaceutical products and medical meetings especially during this Corona Virus pandemic outbreak.

The main requirements of a Professional Arabic English translator should be technical and interpersonal. The applicant should have a sound knowledge about medical terms and concepts. Preferably, a university degree in medical studies with an experience in medical and health services of not less than three years are ideal for the medical translator. S/he should also show experience in interpreting for meetings and liaison purposes. Previous experience in simultaneous interpreting is not a must, though it will be considered a plus. Ex-medical interpreters and health service experts are encouraged to apply for this position. Basic knowledge of technical terms related to COVID-19 is essential.

The necessary interpersonal skills required have to do with the translator’s ability to communicate effectively with the clinic staff and patients. The ability to understand the messages in meetings and medical diagnoses is of a paramount importance regardless of the speakers’ language ability. The need to be cooperative is also important if the Professional Arabic English translator wants to accomplish the task successfully. The translator needs to represent the name of Almiaad Lingua as a professional provider of medical translation and interpreting services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the whole region of the Arabian Gulf countries. In Oman, our medical translator assures Arabic into English the translation and interpreting services for two local clinics.

The payment package of the Professional Arabic English translator working in the medical field will depend on the successful applicant’s experience and interpersonal skills. Of course, the work experience and successful communication skills will be taken into consideration in the selection of the best candidate. We prefer those interested in hourly paid tasks as we do not yet know if the tasks suggest can cover up for a full time position. In case there is work for a full time post, we will hire a translator on a full time basis. The client has not determined the amount of work and daily requirements.

Almiaad Lingua provides professional medical, technical and engineering translation services from and into Arabic. The team of translators working in the Middle East (Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi) has experts in different language pairs and fields of expertise. Their experience in specialized technical translation meets the highest standards. We hope the new Professional Arabic English translator adds up to the expertise and skills we have built in our translators and language experts. Our main concern is maintaining the high reputation of Almiaad Lingua which was the result of proficient work and dedication to the profession.

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