Professional Chinese Translation services Day in Dubai

Professional Chinese Translation services Day in Dubai

Professional Chinese Translation services Day in Dubai

Almiaad Lingua made a reception for its Professional Chinese Translation services team in Dubai last Thursday. The event was an occasion to evaluate the performance of the Chinese translators and interpreters as well as the work flow during the past six months in our Almiaad Lingua Dubai Office. Dr. Dadi, the CEO of the company attended the ceremony and stressed the need to improve the scope of work and clientele list. He explained that Chinese translators are sought in the whole MENA region, especially after the increase of business and commercial ties between China and some Arabic speaking countries of the Gulf Region. He actually gave his advice and recommendations to the regional manager of the UAE & the Arabian Gulf countries and the team leader in charge of the Chinese and Asian languages pairs to target more industries and contact more potential clients.

The team of Professional Chinese Translation services Day has equally made exceptional efforts to keep stable clients and improve the company’s business reputation. A very important work has also been done in terms of recruitment of two more consecutive and simultaneous Chinese interpreters for more potential tasks. The improvement of the turnover resulting from this language has been noticed since the beginning of the present year. There are now attempts o integrate Chinese language learning in the list of services provided by Almiaad Lingua. The raising interest among intellectuals and businessmen in mastering this language has been in constant increase according to business surveys conducted in the first semester of this year.

Among the fields of expertise which are in high demand in this region, there is the business, medical, industrial and diplomatic areas of interest. Generally, oil related translation services are part of regional tenders. Clothing, among other industries, occupies the top trend of clients looking for our Professional Chinese Translation services in the Middle East and North Africa region. Other fields of less importance include the translation of financial documents and product manuals. The manuals are for business people looking for deals and business partners in Dubai. For this purpose, the regional manager suggested targeting more clients located in China and Hong Kong. His rational was that the close we get to the leaders of the manufacturing world in China itself, the more likely we are to make lasting clients and returning orders.

What makes Professional Chinese Translation services very important in Dubai and the Middle East region is that more Chinese related language pairs are needed. The fact the Dubai is the regional hub for trade and business of people from around the globe indicates the need for more languages. Westerners operating in this region rely on English as a lingua franca. However, this is not evident as not all of them master this language for business purposes. The same things applies to the Chinese people whose English is not as fluent as it should be in order to conduct and negotiate business deals. This not only increases the importance of Chinese, but also opens up the door to more language pairs.

Almiaad Lingua will reinforce its presence in this market by training its staff and expanding in the whole region.

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