Professional conference interpreting

Professional conference interpreting

For the sake of improving and maintaining reliability, Almiaad Lingua has produced an internal service enhancement document for the use of its professional interpreters and project managers. This document was distributed and explained by regional managers in Dubai, Leicester and Paris. The main guidelines are grouped into three main areas: expanding, securing and maintaining. As part of a global quality improvement and conduct enhancement, these regulations should result in more customers and improved service output. The way these guidelines will be implemented will largely depend on the cooperation of the conference interpreters and project managers. Although this document will not be used as the sole reference document, its implementation will be followed up and the failure to adopt its main areas can make enough reason for regional managers to change the annual evaluation form and outcome of the people in charge of executing its regulations. In the light of this document, professional conferenceinterpreting / interpretation services will improve in quality and help Almiaad Lingua expand into more markets and segments.

The improvement of the services is expected to help Almiaad Lingua services expand in two ways. Building up the business reputation and producing a positive echo as producers of professional conference interpreting / interpretation services will be realising by giving the good example, requesting and respecting customer satisfaction forms and reaching out for new customers in economic fairs and business conferences/ exhibitions. Clients who need conference services occasionally outnumber those who look for this service on a regular basis. There is also more chance to get business leads from occasional clients than from those whose regular needs make them faithful to some other providers.

Securing very well managed and maintained professional conference interpreting / interpretation services for each client and for every occasion is of a paramount importance for the business name. The way a client is taken in the first steps of business communication is also crucial for the building up of trust and reliability factors. People who are satisfied are more likely to return and provide a volunteered reference to other potential clients. Leading satisfaction and creating trust are communicative skills that cannot be far from rapport building practices. In very rare cases do satisfied clients choose to shift to another service provider. Hence, securing a client often means creating a new network of customers.

This in fact leads to maintaining a list of clientele and a standard service provision. In business, this is what is often referred to as branding a tradition. Professional conference interpreting / interpretation services rely on the effectiveness of the managing staff to organise the work and on the performance of interpreters and the level of their cooperativeness. If we put this into details, it means making things in a very specific manner that leads to the adoption of a code of conduct.

In a turbulent and very unsettled market, improving the product of professional conference interpreting / interpretation services is not an easy task. Almiaad Lingua, and starting from the assumption that businesses either flourish or shrink down and die out. That’s why we keep improving to satisfy those who trust us.

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