Professional German Translation Services

Professional German Translation Services

German is widely used in machinery, engineering, medical, political and literary context. Hence, Professional German translation services focus on these fields of expertise at the global level. German is considered one of the very important languages in the international translation business. More than ten thousand leads, tasks and projects have this language is a source or target language. Many new clients who come to us for the first time are added each year in the field of German language supervision.

What make our professional German translation services unique of their kind are the quality assurance measures we abide by. Our translation process starts with the allocation of the right translator to perform the task, which is governed by basic rules of the minimum years of experience, the field of expertise and the relevance to previous tasks. This first step ensures that the task is within good hands. Then, the work performed is monitored by a project manager. The respect of deadlines is the responsibility of the project manager. The German translator coordinates with the relevant project manager for any problems and updates. We usually employ our own glossaries and terminology databases which we have gathered along our long experience in the fields of translation and terminology. The final step is the proofreading or editing of the translated text. This is a task which many clients require it to be done through a second professional translator. The submission is usually made before the deadline agreed with the client. Even after the submission, we remain open to modifications and problem fixing requests.

Apart from professional German translation services, Almiaad Lingua provides localization services. What makes the main difference between the two is that localization is more market and target oriented. The cultural, social and economic context of the community for whom the translated text is dedicated is analyzed for a better reception. Usually, people from the target community provide these services, as part of their cultural and economic orientation services provided to globalized businesses. They know exactly how the message is received within this community. Hence, translation takes a new dimension which enhances the efforts to globalize a service by localizing needs, tastes and messages.

The cost and rates suggested for professional German translation services are very reasonable. We organize a German translation week for the promotion of our services and the recruitment of new staff: translators, interpreters and project managers. During this occasion, we also offer low rates and free German translations for new clients. The normal rates are very competitive and widely accepted by the clients. Compared to other translators, what we offer as rates and costs remain very good in return of professional services and guaranteed high quality standards.

The main language pairs for professional German translation services are related to European languages, like: German into or from Spanish, French, English, Sweden, Turkish and Italian. Translation needs from and into: Arabic, Swahili, Urdu, Persian, Russian, Ukrainian, Malay, Chinese and Japanese are in high demand in medical and technical texts.

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