Corona Virus (COVID-19) & Almiaad professional translation service updates

Corona Virus (COVID-19) & Almiaad professional translation service updates

In our fight against Corona Virus, we are determined to continue to serve our audience and make their message reach a wider audience.

The need for our translation services has not witnessed major changed because of the outbreak of the new pandemic.  However, the market needs have necessitated taking unprecedented measures to address the new challenges. 

Unlike the previous pandemic issues, COVID 19 has made direct contact among people risky because of the highly contaminating effect of this viral disease. 

Almiaad Lingua has earlier received  suggestions from customers to use online Skype conference interpreting services. We started offering interpretation for meetings and large gatherings using online services after having successfully handled the minor technical issues encountered.  In countries where Skype and WhatsApp are not offered for free, including Dubai, UAE and other Gulf countries, we advised our customers to proceed for the payment. 

Remote document translation has not required any major adjustments so far.  However, the demand for medical translation services has noticed an increase since the academic researchers in non-English speaking countries are constantly looking for updates and scientific health reports. 

In this regard, the English into French translator services are oriented to the sharing of news and social activities related to the new spread of the virus and its effects. 

Meanwhile, sign language interpreting on the internet has been in demand for international organizations and voluntary groups who want to sensitize the handicapped to the health issues related to protection against viruses. 

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