Braille language translator service helps your message reach a larger audience!

The terms of our Quality Assurance policy necessitate that we participate in supporting the disabled by providing the required relevant services and necessary training to help promote a culture of non-exclusion. It is among the rights of the blind and speech impaired individuals to communicate with the outside world and overcome the linguistic and cultural barriers impeding their social and global integration. Our philosophy is that every individual has got talents and is endowed with special mental and physical capacities, and our role is to help people exploit the potential in them essentiallyby providing them with the ability to communicate.

Almiaad LinguaInternational Office, decided to provide professional Braille language translator services in the whole region by bringing inspecialised trainers and service providers to assist event managers, local authorities, social movements and educational organisations with the best professionals in the field. We operate with global, regional and local signers and language translators for the blind who have experience in the field, as translators or trainers. Our translators use electronic and hard copy (hand) Braille scripting.

Conferences and meetings, as well as media shows and educational service providers require a specialised professional Braille language translator to assist the audience and/or the participants/ speakers in communicating with people. Sometimes, business meetings also require a Braille translator if the parties involve somebody who requires this service. Our agents also offer individualised solutions with specific requirements and for particular needs. We can offer secure accompaniment to special events and places, including transportation and accommodation arrangements.

The philosophy behind our engagement in Braille language translator provision and sign language interpreting is to facilitate the inclusion of these social categories and eliminate the feeling of exclusion they might suffer from when their communication channels are obstructed by other people’s failure to understand them. MGOs working on the rights and the protection of the disabled have usually tried to promote the idea of the right for communication and integration. As a language services provider, Almiaad Lingua supports the provision of professional Braille translator facilities and training opportunities.

Our teams of Braille language translators are based in many cities and countries of the Arab World, Asia and the Middle East.
Almiaad Lingua is known for the quality of its services and the professional performance its employees enjoy. We recruit Braille translators based on their background education, special training and experience in the field. As an aspect of our non-discrimination policy, we have integrated blind, short-sighted and other disabled individuals in our staff and professional teams. The level of dedication these individuals and teams have shown urges us to give more importance to the training component of our services. We provide continuous professional training to full time Braille translators to sharpen their performance and update their field knowledge. We also provide special training to institutions and government bodies and institutes who want to train their individuals on the use of Braille.

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