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Brand Name Analysis

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Brand Name Analysis is a key integral part of entire process of marketing product and services in the foreign market. The product name needs to build a positive image in the foreign market and also adapt to the different foreign language and culture. An appealing brand name increases the chances of product getting immediate acceptance in the foreign market. Brand Name Analysis at the beginning is important as it is difficult to change the name of product once it is launched. The Brand Name Analysis services offered by Almiaad-Lingua studies the product and company names in detail for adaptability in foreign markets and impact on people of different culture.


The process of brand name analysis:

1. We look at what product the name represents in the original and target languages.
2. We build a clear understanding of the product market and its potential customers.
3. We conduct a MARKET SEARCH to look at the names local competitors use for similar products.
4. We compare the product name to other names already in the local and international markets.
5. We analyse how consumers will relate the product to the name/names suggested.
6. We employ the CULTURAL PARAMETERS DETERMINER set to examine the negative cultural and linguistic connotations it may have.
7. We use SOUND SYMBOLISM system to check how well people in the local market can memorise and pronounce the brand name correctly.
8. We make a list of associations and images consumers build when the product name is uttered.
9. We use our RATING SYSTEM decide on the appropriateness of the name or the commercial slogan.And, in some special cases,
10. We suggest new names if we feel the suggested name won’t work.
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We localise your business discourse and provide brand name suggestions.
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