Chinese translation

Chinese translation

Chinese translation

Chinese document translation services are simply tailored to help you penetrate local markets in London, Frankfurt, Dubai, China, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia!

As a result of the strengthening business and political ties between oil producing Arab countries and the Republic of China, the need for translation services has witnessed a remarkably huge increase in scope and quantity. For people in Dubai and the whole region looking for a Chinese translator, this language is often viewed as the language of business, technology and health treatment.

Being the best among all Chinese translation companies in the region, Almiaad Lingua perfectly understands the importance of promoting mutual understanding and the exchange of benefits that should accompany needs for certified translation, though this might sound a very simplistic and reductionist view of the Arab Chinahistorical ties and diplomatic and political relations. But, for legitimate business ends, we see no harm in helping partners from both sides establish links and exchange benefits by translating texts and marketing materials.

You must localise in order to globalise!

By operating as a business hub for the region of the Middle East, Dubai has gathered business partners from different parts of the world, including China. Most business operators from this country had to establish contact with local dealers and people from other countries thriving to build up business networks. Almiaad Lingua, as one of the best Chinese translation companies, knew that traditional translation to English could not help surmount the huge cultural and linguistic barrier separating China from the rest of the world here. We convinced most clients to adapt our localisation strategy in order to help penetrate the new local markets and understand the clients’ tastes, needs and cultures.

Local market needs

Meanwhile, Almiaad Lingua’s presence in the country makes it easy to better identify the business needs and requirements. This goes one step beyond standard market research surveys suggested by some translation companies. We help you find out how your business can best operate by offering cultural and text reconstruction orientations, as part of our localisation services.

Generally speaking, clients need document translation services for technical, medical, business, financial, and legal purposes. In fact, the list of products and services proposed in the most Middle Eastern countries shows the potential requirements for translation services. The products invading the markets in abundant quantities mainly require brand naming, brochure translation and business exposure in the social communities. Relying on the concept of English as Lingua Franca or on the power of the extremely low rates is not convincing enough when it comes to a high competitiveness even among this country’s products themselves! You need to translate, but also to localise!

For the services sector, local communities also need to be reached through a native translator / interpreter who masters the art of convincing with local sophisticated linguistic mechanisms. For this purpose, the expertise of our certified translation to English experts and interpreters add invaluable asset to your marketing strategy.

By determining the market needs, we have set up several strategies in the form of basic suggestions we have made to our clientele of Chinese document translations:

  • In Dubai, you need to globalise by considering a much longer language list. Dubai is not only for Arabic and English speakers. The local business market is totally globalised.
  • Define your target audience. Your linguistic parameters and concepts should be tailored to the social groups you need to address in the country and the whole region. English, For example, is not for British and American audiences only. Most English speaking communities and networks are not necessarily native speakers, both linguistically and culturally. This, of course, has implications on the structure, style and cultural load to be exposed in the marketing texts.

We put our expertise in the field of Chinese translation to English, the determination of our staff and the unparalleled quality services in your hands to help improve your business experience in Washington and in the whole Middle East region!

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