Conference Interpreting

Conference Interpreting

Conference Interpreting

For all real time language services, Almiaad Lingua makes the best interpreting / interpretation solution with an intervention that adds professional quality to your events.

Almiaad Lingua provides you with the best interpreter.

Whenever a client needs important spoken information to reach audience (s) speaking other language (s), they certainly require interpreter services. Almiaad Lingua is a professional provider of interpreting in Dubai, London, Paris, Frankfurt and the whole world. Our expert conference interpreters, medical and court interpreters guarantee high levels of professional quality and reliability. Our onsite interpreters meet the reasonably customized needs and requirements of your personal or official events with low-budget rates.

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Interpreting is an audio translation of a spoken message linking speakers of two different languages in private settings, official meetings, conferences and learning/training sessions. Beyond the inherently required sharp skill of quick, accurate and efficient message translation, the right expertise and attention to details are important personal and professional qualities our experienced simultaneous interpretationexperts share.

Do you need an interpreter in Dubai?

Our services are available in the whole Middle East countries and cities for a relatively low interpretation fee: UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain, Ras Al Khaymah), Oman (Muscat, Salalah, Sohar, etc.) Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, et.), Kuwait, Qatar (Doha), Bahrain (Manama), Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, the UK and North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco) offering the best over the phone interpretation.

We operate with more than 100 language pairs and many fields of expertise which has met all clients’ needs in the past two decades in the region by offering low interpretation services rates. For more details about simultaneous and interpreter daily rates, contact us by email ( or phone for a prompt reply.

Almiaad Lingua Interpreting Services Quality Assurance Terms

It is because vague marketing texts may sometimes be misleading and clients find it difficult to differentiate between vague promises and professional commitment, we have decided to share a number of internal quality assurance terms, which pertain to interpreting service provision, with clients and visitors so that they know the exact terms of the services we guarantee:

1. Commitment of Almiaad LinguaStaff of language interpretation services to satisfy the needs of the client as determined in the agreement, either formally signed or explicitly stated in the email exchanges or phone conversations, by the project manager (s) and conference, medical or court Interpreter (s). We offer you a dedicated project manager for quick reply and prompt reactions to emerging situations along with the required interpreter in Dubai.
2. Security, Privacy andConfidentially measures are strictly respected. Even when a security clearance is not required, our interpreters are responsible for the general, and any task-specific, client security and data confidentiality guidelines. The privacy of your personal and business information exposed in the meetings and conferences we interpret will be respected. Our interpreters will also keep your name, meeting venues and schedules confidential if it is require. Even for over the phone interpretation, your details can be kept confidential!
3. Professional Quality Services are assured by the rigorous recruitment terms, continuous assessment measures and the professional development schemes we adopt with our staff of Conference, medical and Interpreters. Thanks to these measures, Almiaad Lingua in Dubai are now among the best performing simultaneous interpreterteams in the whole world.
4. Technical &Specialised fields of Expertise: we understand that every field of expertise requires through understanding of its technical terms and concepts. Hence, when the interpreting session requires medical, legal, engineering or pharmaceutical experts, we provide with the right professional specialised interpreter in the field subject matter. This adds accuracy and reliability to our services for reasonable fees.
5. Customised language interpretation Services are tailored to meet your specific needs and event arrangement requirements. Please, explain them thoroughly so that we take them into consideration.We may offer hourly rates for small tasks.
6. Client Satisfaction for Higher Perfection: Almiaad Lingua seeks the satisfaction of its clients and it usually prefers receiving a piece of advice which can help us improve our services. Do you like our interpreter day rate?

We convey your message to a larger audience!

    • Simultaneous interpretation usually referred to as conference interpreting, is a specialised service required when the original message needs to be translated into a target language at the same time the speaker talks. This is usually done from a booth at a conference hall where the interpreter’s message reaches a specific audience through headsets. This style requires experience and high level of concentration and expertise. This can also be required for meetings and other non-conference settings with reasonable interpretation services rates.
      Almiaad Lingua provides both the professional interpreters and equipment required for the event.
      You need an interpreter in Dubaior over the phone interpretation?
      The earlier you call us, the better we can arrange to meet your requirements in language interpretation services.
    • Consecutive Interpretation for business, group and one-to-one settings which do not usually require special equipment. This can be arranged for personal and professional meetings and training/learning purposes. Our professional trained interpreters are ready to move onsite and fulfil the task.
    • Online or Phone Interpreting services are also available on demand. Over the phone service can be arranged for meetings and conferences.
    • Interpreting via Video conferencing:We can even interpret your conferences and business events or phone calls from home through a reliable internet connection!
    • Sign Language Interpretingis available for speech impaired communities, either onsite or via video conferencing.
    • Audio transcription and video recording of conferences and events. Conference proceedings are provided by audio file transcription.

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