Document Translation

Document Translation

Document Translation

Fast, accurate, professional and cost effective translation

Almiaad Lingua is a professional and experienced provider of document translation services with an experience of about 15 years in the region of the Middle East and North Africa. Dubai has rapidly grown as an international city and an active hub for global trade and business. As a thriving business centre, it has also emerged as a multicultural community where communication is becoming more and more a daily necessity in fields of legal, commerce, business, tourism and cultural activities.

The list of languages which are in high demand is not confined to English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German, Turkish and Japanese only. Other European and Asian languages are also on the list of active languages in Dubai. Regardless of the target and source language you require, we are able to meet all your needs thanks to our large network of native and certified professionals.

Almiaad Lingualegal document translation services respect quality assurance measures. Our quality standards require that an adequately qualified translator (native speaker of the target language)submits the translated text to a professional proofreader who makes the text read perfectly well as it should be in the target language. Project managers allocated to the tasks underway work towards the smooth operation of the work and the application of standard measures.

This ensures accurateness, authenticity and trustworthiness for personal, business and legal texts which usually require precision and respect of privacy. For this end, we employ native speaker experienced translators who have adequate expertise in the document subject matter. With all these procedures and principles, you remain assured that your document will be in good hands and that your special requirements are met.

Pricing and payment methods for document translation services:

For an accurate assessment of the cost of legal document translation tasks and in order to provide competitive rates which suit clients, we adopt a flexible pricing method based on which ever profits the client and the quality of work. We either charge by source word or use a per hour rate to determine costs. The discounts offered can sometimes go down to a 50% off for jobs which require a mere translation for gist or a simple briefing.
We accept nearly all possible payment methods, including bank transfer, Paypal, Western Union and credit card payments. Clients often choose to be invoiced the day a PO is issued so that money transfer takes less time than usual.

Reasons for choosing Almiaad Lingua for all your document translation needs:

  • Ourclients’ satisfaction feedback (UNDP, WIPO, EU/OSCE, ODIHR, etc.)
  • The online and phone/skype support and availability 24/7.
  • Very fast turnaround even for large translation tasks.
  • Ethical and professional standard values
  • Total respect of quality assurance measures
  • Professional and experienced translators, proofreaders and project managers
  • Fast and accurate legal translation services

Through our team of native translators and localisation experts, we provide comprehensive professional services for individuals, corporates and organisations who want to operate effectively and ensure professional communication in the market and with local partners.
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