English translation

English translation

English translation

Almiaad Lingua is the English translation provider with a prime focus on quality and respect of deadlines!

For all your business, personal and officiallanguage translation services in London, Dubai, Washington, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, North Africa and the Middle East Area, Almiaad Lingua is your reliable partner when proficiency matters.

English is a Germanic language thought to be born in the Medieval Era, but its actual importance goes beyond its historical and linguistic/etymological roots. It is the Lingua Franca in business and communication in modern ages and the most widely spoken language around the globe. With around 400 million people using this language as their mother tongue and the increasing number of its learners and a second/ foreign language, this language is now the first globalised language of international use in fields like business, politics, education and research.

In fields like aviation and seafaring, this language is a required unique language for contact and communication. It is not only an official language of the UN, but also the language of diplomacy. Our English French translation services are branded with high professionalism and full respect of quality assurance terms. Since 2009, we have developed our team of English to Russian translation in technical and engineering fields.Meanwhile, our Chinese translation are supported by a larger team of certified translators.

Translation Services and Fields of Expertise

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With our efficient management system and network of certified and experienced translators, our work is of the highest standards. Our main English French translation services cover the following areas and fields of expertise:

  • Document translation and authenticated /signed / stamped translation. Try our Chinese translation of personal files!
  • Legal translation of court documents and contracts, as well as court or special hearing interpreting.
  • Financial into Arabic translation of documents and files by experts and specialised staff in the fields of business, finance, accounting and commerce.
  • Retails market documents and product brochures / certificates for English to Spanish translation.
  • Marketing / advertising: we have one of the largest and most effective teams in the USA, Dubai and the Arabic Gulf countries trained and fully certified to handle website localisation, brand name analysis, and more customized services.
  • Technology and engineering specialists work together with clients’ staff to translate technical and specialised documents and assist them in meetings and specialised conferences and business deals’ negotiations. English to German translation supports specialised and technology fields.
  • Education and cultural activities are professionally supported by our teams through the English to Arabic translation of specialised documents and websites. Almiaad Lingua also handlesthe French translation services of educational materials and reference books for colleges and research institutions in the region.

Our main concern: developing professionalism and maintaining clients’ satisfaction.

After 15 years in the region, we have won the reputation of providing the most reliable and effective professional language translation services!

Language translation & Supported Language Pairs

English to Arabic translation continues to be the first pair in high demand with the emergence of German translation.

We providetranslation from and into the following languages: French, German, Swedish, Swiss, Farsi (Persian), Turkish, French Canadian, Arabic, Malay, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Maltese, Portuguese, Amharic, Berber, Afrikaans, Swahili (Kiswahili), Malayalam, Japanese, Korean, Armenian, Czech, Georgian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Dutch, Danish, etc.

Into Russian translations are very important in oil and technological areas of expertise

Thanks to our originality, we remain one of the best translation agencies operating in the region!

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