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French Translation

French Translation

Professional French Translation Services: best quality, best rates and total respect of deadlines and confidentiality terms!

Quick turnaround and direct assistance

Do you need prompt professional French translation services?

You need not panic or go search elsewhere…
Almiaad Lingua staff will be ready to help you… just give us a phone call or send an email:

Do you have large files to translate within very quick turnarounds and tight deadlines?

No need to worry… we have enough professional French translators to handle and submit them to you within the deadline you choose yourself no matter how large they are…

Do you have a meeting with a business partner who speaks a language you don’t understand?

Our interpreters will be available to help you. They will express your messages with all the nuances and details you intend to convey and translate the other person’s talks accurately and perfectly.

Do you have personal documents that need to be translated and authenticated?

You can rely on the authority of our stamped and signed translations for this purpose.

Do you want to translate your website and corporate documents?

Congratulations, first!
You’ve made the best choice by translating your website to other languages!
Don’t worry! We will take care of your documents and website.
We not only translate, we do localise your content for the new market requirements.

Why looking elsewhere?

At Almiaad Lingua, we convey your message to a larger audience…
Almiaad Lingua has been a professional French translation services industry leader for about two decades in Dubai, UAE and the whole GCC region. We rely on a list of proficient project managers who maintain long term relations with a network of professional French native speaker translators in various fields of expertise. This is the main secret behind our rapidly growing portfolio in this region.

Almiaad Lingua teams are committed to excellence in providing high quality work and ensuring clients’ satisfaction. Not only accuracy intranslation matters, but also do total localization for specific markets.

Professional French Translations

In Dubai, translating into French iswidely sought within many fields of expertise. We have translators and experts who cover the following fields for French translation services: automotive, marketing, legal, websites, engineering, medical, education, social sciences, business, financial, etc.
All our linguists have enough professional knowledge about the field of expertise subject matter, along with their experience and intensive expertise in the translation industry. We rely on a large database of glossaries and translation managers to keep consistent use of technical terms. In case a client needs to use their own terms and glossaries, we respect their choice as far as this is applicable and professionally safe in terms of quality and market reaction.

How does it work?

The handling of a translation task starts from the next minute you contact us requesting a quote or make a direct order. First, a special project manager is allocated. S/he finalizes the terms of the agreement and allocates a suitable translator and another proofreader with fixed deadlines, special requirements and necessary guidelines. The follow up s/he performs later will only aim at assessing the stages left and the need to respect the deadline set. Problems arising are managed immediately through and effective system of internal communication which keeps the project manager and translators in constant contact so that no delays are made due to any unexpected problems.

With Almiaad Lingua, all your French translation services requirements will be in good hands!
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