German translation

German translation

German translation

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German is a West Germanic language nowadays representing a powerful European country, a blossoming economy and an established technological innovator who is seeking to expand and cooperate. This country enjoys the richness of its history, the wealth of its ancient culture and the reputable achievement of its industry. With all these backgrounds, it is now seeking to expose its masterpieces of success in Dubai, the pearl of the Middle East, through English to German translation.

With the increasing importance of German English translation services in medical and technical fields, an increasing number of translation orders are placed at our regional offices. We are usually required to provide onsite translators for some engineering or other technical fields. More frequently, conferences, business meetings and corporate briefings require translations mainly. Market research surveys made by companies wanting to penetrate the UAE and GCC markets also show the importance of professional translation services.

For a reliable translation of your document and files, Almiaad Lingua proposes optimum level professional terms of agreement leading to high quality standards.

Why Almiaad Lingua?

  • We guarantee professional translation quality.
  • As a leading translation agency,we abide to our professional values of cooperation, respect and understanding which put the clients first, their requirements in high priority and the work output at top level standards,
  • We respect quality assurance terms and industry standards and principles,
  • We provide very fast turnarounds regardless of the volume of the file to be translated,
  • We have a very transparent and competitive pricing scheme for language translation,
  • We employ professional experienced translators who translate towards their native languages only!
  • We support and handle all types of file format,
  • We provide InDesign file translation for all your German English translation services,
  • We like listen to our clients and we respect their evaluations, suggestions and complaints,
  • We provide assistance 24/7 for translation in Abu Dhabi and the whole UAE.

Do you need Certified Translation of your documents?

Certified translations are confirmations of the translation work, usually performed by an authority in the industry, like a translation company/office or a sworn translator. English to German translation can be certified and submitted to you by post office. However, they do not replace official authentication services provided by consular services and similar offices.

If you have got a personal or official document for a legal or immigration institution that needs to be certified, you can get it done within a short deadline to your home/business address by post mail.

For more informationaboutour translation services, just request a quote or send us an order by email.

What types of Professional language translation services do we provide?

As a translation agency, Almiaad Lingua in Abu Dhabi offers the following German translations:
Business & investment,
Corporate documents,
Real estate,
Food & hospitality,
Manuals and brochures,

Do you need fast German translation services?

Almiaad Lingua handles rush jobs and supports fast turnaround regardless of the volume of work required. Rapid turnaround translations are best done with your cooperation by providing us with a copy of the file straight from the beginning with all the special requirements and recommendations you set. By relying on professional translators who handle top technology aided solutions, we can provide you with the best professional services for very competitive rates!

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