Language Learning services

Language Learning services

Language Learning

Almiaad-Lingua maintains a selected and dedicated team of experienced of second/foreign languages to develop and deliver Language Lerning Services. For more details, email us at:

TEFL Courses Online and onsite

Almiaad Lingua is a leading provider of ESL/EFL courses for a number of companies, colleges, universities, and individual learners. Our EFL/ESL courses represent an excellent opportunity for you to improve your English level by working on the four main language skills: Reading, listening, speaking and writing. Our experienced teachers and partner organisations offer high quality training to help you achieve the course objectives.
Almiaad Lingua also organises courses both online and onsite (for large groups) for those interested in learning other languages like Arabic and French. Please, let us know how we can address you linguistic needs and provide with more personalised services.
We work with our partners and experts in the field to provide the following services:

    • Language learning (English, Arabic and French).
    • Provide extensive training for language proficiency exams (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)
    • Train people who want to become ESL/EFL/TESOL teachers and help them get jobs.
    • Design language learning courses and course materials.
    • Provide orientation for those who are looking for language learning programmes in the UK and the USA.
    • We provide support and assistance to groups and individuals who seek help with areas related to ESL/EFL/TESOL.

We provide colleges, universities, language institutes, language centres with teachers and instructors for their ESL/EFL/TESOL programmes.

Through our network of experts, we offer language learning services that meet the standards if quality assurance.

Are you looking for and ESL/EFL course?
Are you looking for qualified ESL / EFL TESOL teachers /instructors / lecturers / professors?
Are you looking for English language learning materials and courses?
Do you offer ESL/EFL/TESOL courses and need more students for your next intake?

Contact Almiaad Lingua now if you need help with one of these things:

Recruit the best qualified teachers for your courses; provide you with syllabi and materials for your courses.
Find the course that best fits your needs.
Define your linguistic needs.
Find the best learning materials defined by ESL/EFL/TESOL experts.
Receive onsite and online English language courses with an assessment package.
Train to pass the EILTS and TOEFL tests.

Find more students for the ESL/EFL courses we offer.