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At Almiaad Lingua, localisation is not only an expertise we master, it is also a work of art which we perform with high creativity and innovation!

Localisation is the adaption of a product or service to a local market or a specific location. This does not entail necessarily confining it to a limited area. Localisation in business means the adjustment of a product or service to meet the features of a targeted market in terms of language, culture, legal system and general taste characteristics. The localized product or service has to be culturally and geographically adapted to aspecific country, region, communityor locality. The main task involved in this adaptation is the transformation of the linguistic message to reflect the desired content which looks original in the new context.

As such, Almiaad Lingua understands localisation as a transformation of marketing or client oriented texts to address a specific community, country or locality. Hence, the need to deeply study the cultural, political, linguistic, legal, historical and economic aspects, among others, of the target country is necessity in order for the act of adaptation to be successful.

For this purpose, localisation is an act of creativity and innovation which only experts in the field can perform. This is because our understanding of this service goes beyond the mere linguistic adaptation which employs local terms and structures to make the target text sound local. If the localized text fails to consider all the core aspects, it risks being an act of simplification or register change in which the backgrounds and features of the source text remain incoherently detached from any originality.

After this conceptualization, we sum up by stressing that localisation as a necessary act of adaptation into a new legal and business market or socio-cultural context requires a transformation of the original text to exhibit aspects of locality and be accepted by the local community. This is what makes it different from blind and even creative translations. Hence, Almiaad Lingua undertakes localising as a complete transformations and creative rebuilding of original content in order to suit the requirements of the new context.

What do we localise?

We, at Almiaad Lingua, understand this type of translation as the rendering of law-related texts into a target language. The words are concepts of very specific meanings with fine-tuned nuances and precise implications in their contexts. These terms are therefore not simple words whose meanings can be found in dictionaries or even in reference glossaries. The translation of a lawdocuments should be performed and edited by a person specialised and experienced in the field. Extensive experience in the field is a must, since academic knowledge alone is not enough. Our success is based on our original understanding, expertise and dedication.

What do we localise?


It refers to a kind of adaptation which has a technical aspect. The adaptation of software requires knowledge about the political, legal and cultural context of the target user community. The technical requirements are also necessary for this kind of adaptation. Basically, the tasks involved are related to software and web products, software engineering, testing and DTP activities.

How do we process software localisation?

Although there are software which help in the whole process, we can still adopt the manualmethod. First, we observe how the originality factor will be respected by making the adapted product look like originally produced software. Hence, the adaptation process can sometimes start with the beginning of strings. Then, we start the analysis of technical (material), cultural and linguistic components. Next, we create a terminology reference for the technical and relevant terms employed. During this phase, we also translate the linguistic content and choose graphics, pictures and scripts. After that, we adapt the user interface by changing the colours and sizes of the forms and dialog boxes. At the last stage, we compile the files and test how the final product works. This can be done with the client to check if they have any special requirements.

Video games localisation

Because of cultural and linguistic barriers, video games have to be localized by experts in the field who understand the magnitude of cultural differences and the sensitivity of some issues. There is also the legal and technical adaptation which takes into account the hardware and software employed in each region or country. Graphics and music are also open to local tastes, preferences and even local restrictions. At Almiaad Lingua, we consider aspects of pace, story, violence and linguistic register when the cultural difference is huge, as it is the case with East – West dissimilarities. These factors should be considered especially in the dubbing of scripts and subtitles.

Website localisation

It means the adaptation of the content of a website to the linguistic, market, cultural and preference specificities of a local country or region. The choice of the adequate text and style as well as the implementation of the best suitable images and design styles should enforce the optimum reception level of the page within the targeted locality. If the website exposes products or services, its adaptation depends on the study of the market performance. This should also take into account legal, social and political structures which may affect the website by using a thorough product and brand name analyses.

Corporate profiles

Corporate profiles show messages about the vision, mission, business ideas and product or service features as well as the corporate structure. These details can be translated to the target language with reference to norms of trust and acceptability in the new context.

How does it work?

We receive your projects and enquiries by email, contact forms on our websites and direct phone calls. Our first step is to stud the project an give an estimated cost before we agree on payment issues.

We use a number of localisation software like Passolo and Catalyst.
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