Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


Our philosophy informs our practice

ALMIAAD-LINGUAtakes its name from the past local self-governing units of locally-managed social groups to promote principles of independence and autonomous management. It views translation as an effort to build bridges of understanding and peace building as well as an attempt to promote cooperation and business development. Hence, we are dedicated to allocating a specific importance to the cultural magnitude. This includes, not only communicating the message effectively and accurately in the target language, but also ensuring that your message reaches its target audience to convey the set of intended meanings effectively.

Our philosophy values our clients

ALMIAAD-LINGUAguarantees the client’s satisfaction and works towards the achievement of the highest international standards.
ALMIAAD-LINGUA puts the client’s concern first. We operate under the principle of non-discrimination and equal opportunities. We appreciate team work and long-term cooperation.
ALMIAAD-LINGUAconsiders professional development its majorresponsibility towards its staff and a prerequisite to achieving professionalism.


ALMIAAD-LINGUAaims at establishing long-term cooperation and partnership with clients operating at the global level, i.e. industrial companies, educators and professionals in the translation field.Through the assurance of effective communication with our clients, we aim at reaching sustainable partnership and long-term cooperation. Your evaluation of the services we provide helps us achieve these strategic objectives.

ALMIAAD-LINGUAseeks to expand its partnership and cooperation scope through the provision of a high quality output for a reasonable price. We offer our clients specialdiscounted rates if they intend to establish a sustainable partnership with us. The ‘regular client’ scheme applies if the customer submits more than 500,000 words per year for translation.

ALMIAAD-LINGUArecruits new freelancers based on a strategic view. We believe that our satisfaction with our experienced teamshould not prevent us from constantly looking for new professionals. Hence, we urge translators and linguists who have proven experience and relevant qualifications to join us.

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