Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


ALMIAAD-LINGUA guarantees the client’s satisfaction and works towards the achievement of the highest international standards.
ALMIAAD-LINGUA puts the client’s concern first. We operate under the principle of non-discrimination and equal opportunities. We appreciate team work and long-term cooperation.


Non-Use and Non-Disclosure.

  1. Almiaad Lingua agrees that it shall hold all confidential information it receives or otherwise obtains in strictest confidence.  It shall not disclose such information or transmit any files containing such information to any other party, except as specifically authorized by this document.
  2. The duty of non-disclosure shall not apply to information which was rightfully communicated free of any obligation of nondisclosure and without restriction as to use.
  3. Almiaad Lingua employees and sub-contractors are contractually bound to observe appropriate restrictions and are aware of their obligations under contract and under common law.
  4. Almiaad Lingua agrees to implement the necessary security steps in order to protect the confidentiality and security of the documents we deal with.

Ownership and Implied Rights. 

The Company acknowledges that the Confidential Information, including Intellectual Property Rights, is and shall at all times remain the sole and exclusive property of Almiaad Lingua.

Affiliates and Related Entities.

Access to confidential information provided in the course of work is to be kept private without any prior written consent


In the event the other party (client or service provider) breaches the terms and conditions of an agreement, the other contracting party has the right to:

  • Terminate the agreement and/or demand the immediate return of all confidential information;
  • Recover its actual damages (not punitive or other damages) incurred by reason of such breach.