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Translation and Proofreading

Almiaad-Lingua provides integrated solutions for translation and proofreading requirements by businesses to tap emerging markets at international platform. Our translation services will help you efficiently express your services and products in the respective language for better penetration and influence. We are expert in English Translation services, Arabic translation services, French translation services, English Translator and French Translator services. Translation services are offered in over 50 language pairs and our large professional team provides translation with any kind of specialization you need.
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Almiaad-Lingua offers quality interpreting services for host of purposes. A qualified and skilled interpreter like Arabic Interpreter is the need of the hour during crucial executive meetings, international conferences, diplomatic meetings etc to ensure that the communication interchange occurs smoothly. A qualified interpreter eg. Arabic Interpreter also has to maintain confidentially of the key personal and business information learnt during the Interpretation process. For Interpreting services, you can completely rely on Almiaad-Lingua for efficient work.
We offer conference and business meeting as well as private accompanying interpreting services.
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Brand Name Analysis

Brand Name Analysis is a key integral part of entire process of marketing product and services in the foreign market. The product name needs to build a positive image in the foreign market and also adapt to the different foreign language and culture. An appealing brand name increases the chances of product getting immediate acceptance in the foreign market. Brand Name Analysis at the beginning is important as it is difficult to change the name of product once it is launched. The Brand Name Analysis services offered by Almiaad-Lingua studies the product and company names in detail for adaptability in foreign markets and impact on people of different culture.
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Typesetting and DTP

Almiaad-Lingua has proven expertise and years of experience in typesetting and DTP in many foreign languages. The team of Almiaad-Lingua is technically sound and provide you with multilingual typesetting and DTP services. The results of poor typesetting can be disastrous for the product or publica