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Sign languages

Professional Sign Language Interpreting Services

Our signers help convey your message to a larger audience!

As an aspect of our motto “we convey your message to a larger audience”, we offerthe best and highly professional sign language interpreting services to the deaf and speech impaired individuals. Our Dubai office started integrating this as part of ‘help express the disabled campaign.’ This includes employing signers and making their services available for customers in many parts of the world.

A sign language interpreter is an artist who constructs meaning through an arbitrary system of manual signs, body languageand facial expressions to convey a message to a deaf or an individual suffering from speech disorder. The language of signs is not universal. Each community has its form and system of signs, underlying a particular syntactic and word order arrangement. Interpreters perform a very delicate task because they deal with a language with a complex syntax. Signs languages are officially recognised systems of communication.

Unlike some common sense understanding, sign languages do not consist in miming or using onomatopoeic symbols. These languages have the same linguistic status as the one enjoyed by natural spoken languages. In fact, they are now considered equal to natural languages.

However, the recognition of some of them depends on their adoption by deaf communities and official government institutions. In most countries, there are known recognised sign languages which represent particular countries or communities. The existence of different sign languages for different cultures and communities is another aspect they share with natural languages.

Our contribution to support the disabled is based on two aspects: promoting their communication opportunities and offering them the ability to integrate professionally and socially. Almiaad Lingua adopts a non-discrimination policy towards the community of the disabled by offering them the chance to work and improve performance.

Professional life at Almiaad Lingua is not just an opportunity to hire qualified skills; it is the integration and continuous development of capacities. Sign language interpreters are therefore involved into training as an aspect of development of their abilities and a dissemination of knowledge among the members of a team.

Almiaad lingua offers sign language translators for live and recorded sessions. We employ sign language interpreters for conferences and meetings. We also hire them for recorded training and professional development sessions. Governments and official institutions in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, China and Russia are now more aware about the support services they should provide to the disabled through the promotion of understanding and communication. Most conferences and media channels nowadays employ signers who interpret the content of a talk, mission, speech or newswire to its special audience.

At the time being, we provide sign language (SL) interpreters and translators for the following sign languages: French SL, British SL, Indian SL, Russian SL, American SL, Arabic SL, Spanish SL, and Turkish SL.

We provide interpretation for media (TV) and remote sign language interpreting via Skype and other channels. A Sign Language interpreter/ translator can accompany you during your visits and business and personal meetings if required. We also operate Sign Language Messaging by recording your message in a particular sign system and sending it to anybody in the world by email, Facebook or through an internet link.

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