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Technical Translation

Technical Translation

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Practical translation refers to translating specialised and industry related texts. Accurate and precise meaning conversion from one language to another is very essential for files pertaining to engineering, construction and manufacturing sectors. Precise knowledge and expertise in the specific sector subject matter is a basic requirement for any translator willing to undertake projects within these fields.

Another prerequisite has to do with the translator’s native language. We certainly know the difference between native speaker proficiency and a mother tongue speaker by inheritance. The latter alone, can in no case be of a practical value for us. To be born French, for example, does not entitle the person to claim a native speaker proficiency level in this language. That’s why we require certified translators to have university degrees relevant to the translation task’s specific field of expertise.

We simply understand that errors are not tolerated since an inaccurate technical document translationresults in serious repercussions. Hence, Almiaad Lingua understands the translation of scientific texts as a task of appropriate expertise and experience to be performed by adequate translators who meet these two main qualities and who also translate towards their native languages.

Project managers are responsible for carrying quality checks at each stage of the project. They fully understand the responsibility of submitting a clean well revised copy to the client, especially when the issue has to do with precise terms and meanings. Unlike general text translations, specific meanings and important distinctions require exact skills and high dedication from the side of translators and project managers.

Types of professional technical document translation services we handle

For your reference, these are only examples of the types of files we support:

  • Safety manuals
  • Rail engineering project documents
  • Engineering specifications
  • Patents
  • Reports
  • Training manuals
  • CAD drawings

Urgent tasks and fast turnarounds

We handle urgent and fast turnaround professional technical translation projects with full respect of quality and deadline requirements. Our determination to meet short deadlines and fast submission is based on the large team of professionals we manage. So, if we accept to perform large projects, we already know we have enough translators and proofreaders to put your work in good hands.

Glossaries and terminology

Almiaad Lingua has got a large database of scientific and technological terms that we have gathered from the large number of projects we have performed. Regardless of the industry sector or field of specialisation, you can remain assured that we will be in possession of the necessary glossariesin order to accurately translate the text. Meanwhile, we remain open to your suggestions and we accept working with the glossary you may recommend.

Our teams use TMs which help us maintain consistency of the precise terms employed and enlarge the database of terms in each field. Translation managers also improve the work performance and thus increase productivity and personnel management. Training translators on the use of translation managers is usually facilitated by online webinars to help improve their productivity and professional profiles.

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