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Training services aim at implementing a program or equipping people with a particular skill. Training is an integral part of any educational and vocational program which aims at individuals to a standard level. It makes targeted groups/individuals skilled, qualified and proficient by modifying behaviour and improving knowledge about a certain topic. Here the main feature of training is its focus on performance and behaviour change.
Almiaad Lingua conceptualizes training as the key to professional and personal success and believes it is everybody’s right to improve their performance and gain the necessaryskills..

Types of Professional Training Courses we can provides:

  • Teacher training

We train teachers on pedagogy, classroom management skills and assessment methods. Our teacher training professionals help improve the quality of your teachers’ performance and enable them to better implement communication and interaction with the students. Teacher training, either as a pre-service or in-service plan, improves the quality of learning or boosts the reputation of your institution.

  • Personal development

Personal development training aims at pushing the individual’s performance to an optimal level. The empowerment of your personality with the right knowledge and skills makes your life much more enjoyable and your work output remarkably higher.

  • Specialized and tailored training

In response to your customized needs, we have built up a list of off the shelf training courses that understand the specificity of every client’s requirement. Our trainers are training managers are ready to address every order. Hence, based on your clearly articulated, or from your requirements and staff/ personnel difficulties or company/ institution deficiency situations, we can suggest a remedial plan grounded on training aiming at the direct and immediate improvement of performance.

Should you require male or female only trainers, please let us know.

  • Pre-service training

We understand what it takes to turn academic and theoretical knowledge into applied skills performance. When companies and firms have to recruit unqualified or unexperienced staff, our job is to equip them with standard level skills and make them more productive at their work place. Regardless of your type of activity or required skills, we can provide you with the administrative, technical or professional skills trainers who offer the right pre-service training for your staff.

  • In-service training

Our specialized teams have extensive experience in designing training programs and delivering tailored and targeted training programs for different purposes and various types of clients.

Almiaad Training Centre

A provider of quality professional training services with a global renovation and international clientele list. We are part of Almiaad Lingua Group with branches and offices in Europe, Asia, Middle East & North Africa and Canada. We are determined to broaden the scope of our professional performance and expand to more markets and fields of work.

Almiaad Training Centre seeks to establish cooperation with successful and professional training services providers. We are also in constant need to expand the network of professional trainers. Those who have the adequate professional experience and qualifications can contact us by email explaining what they can add to our professional profile.

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