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Website translation

Website translation

Professional website translation and localisation services

In the world of business, growing global is necessity because exposure on international markets is the ultimate choice for those looking for success. Meanwhile, the widely used motto says that growing global requires being local. Localisation is a step towards globalisation and success. For this purpose, translating a company’s web portal is in fact a localisation of its content to meet the local market requirements. That’s why our translation of is not a mere linguistic code transformation of a text. It truly consists in reconstructing the core meaning and style of a content to better expose the corporate’s products and brand names in a new local market.

As a corporate or solo trader, improving your web presence is a must. Doing business online is not a choice for those who feel the pressure of the huge competition in global and local markets. It is important to build up a web presence representing a company and its products. This vital significant decision should be accompanied by the need to localise this portal for every market. This simply means adapting the content to local tastes, needs and understanding.

The importance of professional website translation services

Internet visitors find products and services in their native languages more appealing than those in foreign languages. They are more likely to understand the message and engage in acquiring the product once they feel it is made for them. The use of local terms and concepts increases the feeling of closeness and positive reception of the brand and its products. Hence, our translation is in fact an attempt to resonate with local customers/ markets; to localise.

Comprehensive website language translation services

Almiaad Lingua suggests comprehensive translations which include cultural, linguistic and design adaptation to new markets and contexts. The aim is to make the content more appealing an engaging for a new target audience. In addition, our services include special content writing techniques which respect Search Engine Optimisation to help the large exposure of the domain and the high ranking of its search terms.

An innovative approach to professional website language translation services

For all your translation requirements, we suggest a set of customised services that specifically meet your needs. Our professional marketing and business experts analyse your original site before deciding on the list of changing and adaptations. The style and terminology should reflect an engaging tone and a high level of confidence and trustworthiness in settings where these tones are culturally appropriate. The material used to persuade the website visitors is not necessarily standard in all languages. In some contexts, business and financial figures are more convincing than scientific realities. So, the whole task of translation may sometimes consist in a total reconstruction the original text.

Of course, this does not occur as a matter of individual choice or because of a unilateral decision. Before embarking on the translation task, we negotiate every single aspect of the suggested changes with the client and take decisions of how much change we have to adopt based on their recommendations.

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